16th March, 2020

What is CCTV Pipe Inspection & How Does it Work?

Have you ever noticed how often the most important things are often unseen? Well, plumbing is no different! The health of your underground stormwater and sewer lines make a difference to your life that you wouldn’t even imagine.

No indoor plumbing? No thank you!

If the pipes and drainage at your home wasn’t working properly, sooner rather than later, you’d know it. And then you’d really know just how important those pipes are not only to your lifestyle, but your own health and happiness. 

So when something goes wrong underground, in the pipes you can’t see, you’ll need to call in the experts with all the right tools to solve any issue that comes their way. And more often than not these days, those tools involve more technology than ever before.

What is CCTV camera inspection and how does it work?

We don’t have x-ray vision. But with CCTV pipe inspection, you’ll think we do! In a nutshell, a CCTV pipe inspection is when a camera is inserted into a pipe through the drain to look for any blockages or pipe damage that’s causing your plumbing headaches. These CCTV cameras give us a look at all those buried pipes that we simply don’t have access to.

Our cameras are made with a small camera lens and a bright LED light on the end of a flexible push rod that lets us inspect bends and turns and go wherever the pipes go. We simply insert our camera through the nearest drain and push it (gently) through the pipes until we see what we’re looking for, or reach a blockage that we can go past.

The high quality camera sends a clear and coloured image to our monitor so we can easily see what the problem is with great accuracy. This removes any guesswork and confusion about what’s going on in your pipes while providing no damage.

When we use CCTV pipe inspection technology, we can learn…

    • the condition of the interior and infrastructure wall surface of the pipe
    • the exact locations of blockages and damage
    • what’s caused the plumbing issues
    • how the pipe has been installed and fitted – where the junctions and bends are in the network
    • how we can access the pipe from other points
    • exactly what the pipes are – their width, length and what they’re made from

As you can see, we can learn so much more from getting inside “whole plumbing systems” than we can from simply looking at a section of uncovered or excavated pipe work.

Check out our article to learn even more reasons for why we LOVE inspecting pipes with CCTV technology.

What are the benefits of inspecting pipes with Emu Plumbing’s CCTV Pipe Inspection?

There are so many reasons that using CCTV is the best way to inspect plumbing issues. Some are obvious, but there are also a lot of reasons that you may not have even considered.

    • It’s so quick and easy! At Emu Plumbing, we have the capacity to inspect your pipes and diagnose the cause of any issues on the spot. This means that we can start rolling out repair plans immediately.
    • Completely non-destructive – our cameras get into the pipes through a drain, so there’s no digging involved.
    • CCTV pipe inspections provide a high level of accuracy when diagnosing plumbing problems that simply can’t be done in any other way.
    • It’s cheaper than the alternative – which is digging or guessing. Getting in excavators and digging blindly is not only time consuming, it’s expensive! (not to mention the cost of rehabilitation.
    • It’s a sustainable practice. Our cameras are high quality and don’t use a lot of power, they don’t need to be regularly replaced and there’s no need for big, carbon-producing machinery.

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  • “Exceptional Service”

    We had a particularly tricky job on a site with extremely difficult access. Tony and Niles quickly investigated and set forward to fix the issue. When plan A didn’t go exactly to plan Tony took full control and delivered a brilliant outcome. He arranged machine access through our fully landscaped property, went over and above to ensure the problem was fixed, and left our property almost as he found it. I am, and will continue to recommend Emu Plumbing for any re-line and general plumbing work. Their customer service second to none.

    Mark M, COO
  • “Emu Plumbing used latest technology combined with their considerable experience to creatively problem solve”

    We cannot fault Tony and the team at Emu Plumbing. We had a very complex reline of a long combine sewer that had plagued us for decades. Emu Plumbing used latest technology combined with their considerable experience to creatively problem solve over four days of hard yakka. It was over 36 degrees! The team were professional, courteous and went the extra mile to do the job. After three days on site they left the place clean and tidy as if they were never there. We would recommend Emu Plumbing without reservation.

    Alan and Lesley C, Happy Pipe Relining Customers

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